Canon EF 8-15 mm f/ 4 L USM Fisheye Lens Technical Manual (en)

6. Image Stabilizer Settings
You can use the image stabilizer in AF or MF mode.
Select the stabilizer mode.
• MODE 1: Corrects vibrations
in all directions. It is mainly
effective for shooting still
• MODE 2: It compensates for
vertical camera shake during
following shots in a horizontal
direction, and compensates for
horizontal camera shake
during following shots in a
vertical direction.
When you press the shutter
button halfway, the Image
Stabilizer will start
• Make sure the image in the
viewfinder is stable, then press
the shutter button the rest of
the way down to take the
Set the STABILIZER switch
• If you are not going to use the
image stabilizer function, set
the switch to         .