Kodak Ektacolor Royal Digital N 10.2cmx156m 3879939L Leaflet (en)

Are your customers asking for prints that make their images
stand out from the norm? Prints that have the "wow" factor?
KODAK ROYAL Digital Color Paper has that and more. It's
designed for customers who want their digital prints to be
extraordinary. Prints on ROYAL Digital Color Paper exude
quality, convey dynamic color and detail ... and last a lifetime*.
Shoot digital, print digital.
Digital Color Paper
In addition, this silver-halide, color negative, digital paper
delivers exceptional sharpness, clarity, color reproduction, and
color saturation when exposed either digitally or optically.
Pictures are crisp and bright with natural-looking skin tones. 
Your customers can easily identify ROYAL Digital Color Paper
by its thick support, which provides durability in handling, and
by its distinctive gold KODAK ROYAL Digital Paper backprint.
For your operation this paper offers efficiency—increased
productivity, less paper waste, and the potential for increased
revenues and margins. 
Connect with Kodak's powerful digital brand paper that allows
you to command a premium price. Choose KODAK ROYAL
Digital Color Paper.
Key Features:
• Kodak’s premium-quality, consumer-grade 
photofinishing paper
• Optimized for making crisp, sharp digital prints
• Bold, bright colors that last a lifetime
• Premium-quality base, with a distinctive gold
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