Kodak Ektacolor Edge E 8.9cmx186m 3879491 Leaflet (en)

Key Features:
• Bold, bright colors
• Long-lasting prints—that last a lifetime*
• Distinctive Kodak paper backprint
• Spectacular print quality with both digital and
optical exposure
Can one paper really deliver superb prints from both digital
and optical printers? Just ask your customers. When they see
prints that combine bright, vibrant colors with flattering skin
tones, they’ll know your lab is the place for their business.
A distinctive silver-halide color negative paper, Edge paper
also offers exceptional dynamic range and detail.
Simple solution offers the best in both worlds.
Ektacolor Edge
The eye-catching silver backprint identifies Ektacolor Edge
paper as a Kodak-branded world-class consumer product. And
Kodak’s latest, leading-edge paper emulsion technology
enables long-lasting prints and enlargements.
Ektacolor Edge paper streamlines your lab operations by
making ordering and inventory simpler—just one paper for
both digital and optical printing systems. It performs superbly
under varying exposure and processing conditions, and
provides great results with digital files as well as with Kodak’s
and other manufacturers’ films—either optically or from
scanned files. So, your lab has less remakes/waste and greater
print consistency.