Kodak Ektacolor Royal Digital F 15.2cmx156m 3880069L Leaflet (en)

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Digital Color Paper
ROYAL Digital Color Paper is a premium, consumer silver-
halide paper formulated for high-quality digital processing ...
and is exceptional for optical prints as well. ROYAL Paper
contains a host of attributes that optimize it for a dynamic
range of digital printers and minilabs. Its sensitized layers are
designed for high-color saturation, bold colors, sharp text, and
superb performance under varying exposure and processing
conditions. The thicker base is designed to provide especially
high-gloss images. 
More Information
For complete technical information, see KODAK
Publication E-7021, KODAK ROYAL Digital Color Paper,
at www.kodak.com/go/colorpapers.
*Under typical home display conditions.
• High color saturation, sharpness,
and clarity
• Kodak brand identity—distinctive
gold backprint
• Extra-rigid, premium-quality base
ROYAL Digital Color Paper is available in rolls in F (glossy) and
N (matt) surfaces. It is designed for processing in KODAK
EKTACOLOR Chemicals for Process RA-4 or KODAK
EKTACOLOR SM Chemicals for Process RA-2SM. For FUJI
FRONTIER Processors, use KODAK EKTACOLOR Processing
Cartridge 111 and KODAK Rinse Tablets.
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