Canon 1100D + EF-S 18-55mm + EF 55-200mm 5161B077 User Manual (en)

63-zone iFCL exposure metering
Accurate exposure metering is essential for 
delivering images that are as true to life as 
possible. The EOS 1100D achieves this with 
state-of-the-art iFCL metering that splits up 
each scene into 63 segments, analysing 
each one in combination with colour and 
focusing data. This results in highly accurate 
exposure calculations, even under the most 
difficult of lighting conditions.
Wide-area, 9-point autofocus
Nine autofocus points, spread out across the 
frame in a diamond formation, enable 
accurate, swift autofocus no matter where 
your subject appears in the frame. Moving 
objects are tracked with AI Servo AF, and a 
central cross-type AF point provides even 
more accuracy, being sensitive to  
horizontal and vertical lines.
ISO 100-6400 sensitivity
Hand-held shooting even in low light is 
possible thanks to the EOS 1100Ds ISO 
100-6400 range. Digital noise is well-
controlled by the camera’s DIGIC 4 
processor and sensitive sensor design. 
Low-light shooting at high ISO settings 
lets a photographer capture the true 
ambience of a scene, and shoot discreetly 
where using on-camera flash is either not 
allowed or would be inappropriate.
Advanced metering and AF systems, working in combination  
with Canon’s legendary DIGIC 4 processor, ensure the EOS 1100D 
delivers images you will be proud of, each and every time you use it.
Designed for 
high performance
Tv (Shutter Speed): 1/100
Av (Aperture Value): f/4.0
ISO Speed: 6400
Lens: EF 70-200mm f/4L USM
In low light, use high ISO 
to capture the moment
HD Video capture
Shoot great quality HD video at 1280x720 
resolution, and 30 fps, with the same 
equipment that you use for still photography. 
Furthermore, the EOS 1100D large sensor 
makes it easier to explore new creative 
options such as shooting with very shallow 
depth of field, or in low light conditions.