Nikon 2191 User Manual (ja, en, de, fr, es, sv, ru, nl, it, cs, sk, zh)

Setting the vibration reduction mode switch
Set the vibration reduction ON/OFF switch to ON and choose a vibration 
reduction mode with the vibration reduction mode switch.
NORMAL:   The vibration reduction mechanism primarily 
reduces the effects of camera shake. The effects 
of camera shake are also reduced with horizontal 
and vertical panning.
ACTIVE:   The vibration reduction mechanism reduces 
the effects of camera shake, such as that which 
occurs when taking pictures from a moving 
vehicle, whether it be normal or more intense 
camera shake. In this mode, camera shake is not 
automatically distinguished from panning motion.
 Notes on using vibration reduction
•   If this lens is used with cameras that do not have the vibration reduction 
function (pg. 14), set the vibration reduction ON/OFF switch to OFF. With 
the Pronea 600i/6i camera, in particular, battery power may become quickly 
depleted if this switch is left ON.
•  After pressing the shutter-release button halfway, wait until the image in the 
viewfinder stabilizes before pressing the shutter-release button the rest of the 
way down.
•  Due to the characteristics of the vibration reduction mechanism, the image 
in the viewfinder may be blurred after the shutter is released. This is not a 
•  When taking panning shots, be sure to set the vibration reduction mode 
switch to NORMAL. If the camera is panned in a wide arc, compensation for 
camera shake in the panning direction is not performed. For example, only the 
effects of vertical camera shake is reduced with horizontal panning.
•  Do not turn the camera off or remove the lens from the camera while vibration 
reduction is operating. Failure to observe this note could result in the lens 
sounding and feeling as if an internal component is loose or broken when it is 
shaken. This is not a malfunction. Turn the camera on again to correct this.
•  With cameras featuring a built-in flash, vibration reduction does not function 
while the built-in flash is charging.
•  When the camera is mounted on a tripod, set the vibration reduction ON/OFF 
switch to OFF. However, set the switch to ON when using a tripod without 
securing the tripod head, or when using a monopod.
•  With autofocus cameras featuring an AF-ON button, vibration reduction does 
not function when the AF-ON button is pressed.