Leica 11626 User Manual (en)

LEICA TRI-ELMAR-M 16-18-21 mm f/4 ASPH.
With its impressive angle of view of 107°, this new TRI-ELMAR conquers 16 mm super wide-angle photography in perfect Leica M
style. Due to the minimal distortion and barely perceptible field curvature, it can be recommended for highly demanding architec-
ture photography even at the 16 mm setting. Used on the digital M8, it produces the image effect of a 21 - 28 mm lens, still enab-
ling extreme wide-angle views. The ultra compact shape is achieved by two aspherical elements. A new design of the interior
focusing significantly enhances the quality in the close-focus range through an adaption of the floating element principle. Brilliant
depth of field can therefore be used from a distance of 0.33 m for hyperfocal photography. Save money by buying the lens in a set
together with the Universal Wide-angle Viewfinder M.
Lens shape 16 mm
Vario group 1
Vario group 2
Internal focussing