Fujifilm Z33WP User Manual (en)

Inserting the Battery
After charging the battery, insert it in the camera as described below.
  Open the battery-chamber cover.
Open the battery-chamber cover as shown, 
sliding the lock lever in the direction of the 
Lock lever
Be sure the camera is off  before opening the 
battery-chamber cover.
•  Do not turn the camera on or off  while the 
battery-chamber cover is open.  Failure to 
observe this precaution could result in damage 
to image fi les or memory cards.
•  Do not use excessive force when handling the 
battery-chamber cover.
 Insert the battery.
Face the gold terminals 
downward and align 
the orange stripe on 
the battery with the 
orange battery latch 
and slide the battery 
into the camera, 
keeping the battery 
latch pressed to the 
side.  Confi rm that 
the battery is securely 
Battery latch
Orange stripe