Fujifilm Z33WP User Manual (en)

Waterproof and Dustproof
 Waterproof and Dustproof Performance 
•  The camera’s waterproof and dustproof 
performance is equivalent to IP68.
•  The supplied accessories are not waterproof.
 What You Should Remember Before Using the 
•  A sheet of protective glass is located at the 
front of the lens.  Clear photos will not be 
possible if this glass is dirty; always keep the 
protective glass clean.
•  Make sure to close the battery-chamber cover 
securely.  If water, dirt or sand gets inside the 
camera, malfunction may result.
•  Do not open or close the battery-chamber 
cover on/by the sea, a lake or similar locations.  
Similarly, do not open or close the cover with 
wet hands.
•  Before changing your battery or memory card, 
make sure that the camera and your hands are 
completely dry. 
•  The camera sinks in water.  Attach the supplied 
strap, and keep the strap around your wrist 
while using the camera. 
 What You Should Remember When Using the Camera
•  Do not use the camera in water 3 meters (9.8 
feet) or deeper. 
•  Do not use the camera in water for more than 2 
hours consecutively. 
•  Do not open or close the battery-chamber 
cover in water. 
•  Do not use the camera in hot water, for 
example in a hot spring bath. 
•  Do not apply excessive force to the camera.  
The camera may be damaged if you dive into 
water with it, for example. 
•  Do not leave the camera on sand.  Not only can 
sand get into the speaker and microphone, but 
it can become extremely hot if it is exposed 
to direct sunlight, exceeding the camera’s 
approved operating temperature.
•  Wash sunscreen or suntan oil off  the 
camera immediately with warm water if you 
accidentally spill or apply any.  The oils may 
discolor the camera.
•  Should you subject the camera to substantial 
vibration, shock or pressure, it may be less 
resistant to water.  Contact the store where you 
purchased the camera, or our Repair Service.