Fujifilm Z33WP User Manual (en)

Waterproof and Dustproof 
 What You Should Remember After Using the Camera
•  Be sure to wipe any dirt or sand off  the 
waterproof sealing material or its contacting 
surface.  Dirt or sand may scratch the material 
or the surface, making the camera less resistant 
to water.
•  To wash sand, dirt or dust off  the camera, rinse 
it under running tap water or soak it in a bowl 
of fresh water for 2 or 3 minutes.
•  Do not use any soapy water, mild detergents, 
alcohol or similar liquids to clean the camera.  
They may make the camera less resistant to 
•  After using the camera, wipe any water or 
dirt off  the camera with a dry cloth, close the 
battery-chamber cover securely, and then soak 
the camera in fresh water for 10 minutes.  Next, 
dry the camera completely.
 Storage and Care
•  Do not leave the camera in a location where 
the temperature is 40°C (104°F) or higher, or 0°C 
(32°F) or lower. 
•  The waterproof sealing material is replaceable 
at cost.  The material should be replaced once a 
year to maintain the camera’s water resistance.  
For details, contact the store where you 
purchased the camera, or our Repair Service.