Fujifilm Z33WP User Manual (en)

Optional Accessories
Accessories from Fujifi lm
Accessories from Fujifi lm
The following optional accessories were available from FUJIFILM.  Check with your local Fujifi lm 
representative for information on the accessories available in your region.
•  NP-45 rechargeable Li-ion battery (supplied): Additional NP-45 slimline batteries can be 
purchased as required. 
•  AV-C1 A/V cable: Connects the camera and a TV.
•  SJ-FXZ33 Silicon Jacket: Makes the camera less easily scratched or damaged, and makes it 
easier to hold.
•  FS-FXZ33 Float Strap: Prevents the camera from sinking in water.
For the latest information on accessories available from FUJIFILM, visit http://www.fujifilm.com/