Fujifilm A600 Owner's Manual (en)

Do not change, heat or unduly twist or 
pull the connection cord and do not 
place heavy objects on the connection 
These actions could damage the cord and 
cause a fire or electric shock.
• If the cord is damaged, contact your 
FUJIFILM dealer.
Do not place the camera on an unstable 
This can cause the camera to fall or tip 
over and cause injury.
Never attempt to take pictures while in 
Do not use the camera while you are 
walking or driving a vehicle.
This can result in you falling down or being 
involved in a traffic accident.
Do not touch any metal parts of the 
camera during a thunderstorm.
This can cause an electric shock due to 
induced current from the lightning 
Do not use the batteries except as 
Load the batteries with the + and , 
Do not heat, change or take apart the 
Do not drop or subject the batteries to 
Do not attempt to recharge lithium or 
alkaline batteries.
Do not store the batteries with metallic 
Do not use chargers other than the 
specified model to charge the batteries.
Any of these actions can cause the 
batteries to burst or leak and cause fire or 
injury as a result.
Use only the batteries or AC power 
adapters specified for use with this 
Do not use voltages other than the 
power supply voltage shown.
The use of other power sources can cause 
a fire.
If the battery leaks and fluid gets in 
contact with your eyes, skin or 
clothing. Flush the affected area with 
clean water and seek medical attention 
or call an emergency number right 
Do not use the charger to charge 
batteries other than those specified 
The charger is designed for Fujifilm HR-AA 
Ni-MH batteries. Using the charger to 
charge conventional batteries or other 
types of rechargeable batteries can cause 
the battery to leak fluid, overheat or burst.
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