Fujifilm A600 Owner's Manual (en)

Loading the Batteries
Checking the battery charge
Turn the camera on and check the battery charge.
A There is ample battery charge. (Not displayed)
B There is insufficient charge left in the batteries. The 
batteries will soon run out. Have a new set of batteries 
ready. (Lit red)
C The batteries are depleted. The display will shortly go 
blank and the camera will stop working. Replace or 
recharge the batteries. (Blinking red)
• Soil, such as fingermarks on the poles of the batteries, 
can shorten time for which the batteries can be used.
• The time for which AA-size alkaline batteries (referred 
to hereafter simply as alkaline batteries) can be used 
varies depending on the brand. Some brands of alkaline 
batteries may stop providing power more quickly than 
those supplied with the camera. Note also that due to 
their nature, the time for which alkaline batteries can be 
used decreases in cold conditions (0°C to +10°C/+32°F 
to +50°F). For this reason, it is better to use AA-size Ni-
MH batteries.
• Due to the nature of the battery, the battery level 
warning (C or V) may appear early when the 
camera is used in cold locations. Try warming the 
batteries in your pocket or a similar location before use.
• Depending on the battery type and the level of charge 
in the batteries, the camera may run out of power 
without first displaying a battery level warning. This is 
particularly likely to happen when batteries that have 
run out of charge once are re-used.
• Depending on the camera mode, the transition from 
C to V may occur more quickly.
• Use Fujifilm Battery charger (sold separately) to charge 
AA-size Ni-MH batteries.
• See p.99-100 for information on the batteries.
• When first purchased or if left unused for a long period, 
the amount of time which AA-size Ni-MH batteries can 
be used may be short. See p.100 for more information.
• Battery power consumption varies greatly depending 
on use. When you change to Playback mode from 
Photography mode, C may not occur, however, V 
may suddenly blink red and the camera may stop 
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