Fujifilm A600 Owner's Manual (en)

g the Camera
Continue to hold the shutter button down 
halfway. Move the camera back to the 
original image and press the shutter button 
• AF/AE lock can be applied repeatedly before the shutter 
is released.
• Use AF/AE lock in all Photography modes to guarantee 
excellent results.
• On FinePix A600, pressing the shutter button down 
halfway locks the focus and exposure settings (AF and 
AE lock).
Subjects not suitable for autofocus
FinePix A600 uses a high-precision autofocusing mechanism. 
However, it may have difficulty focusing on the following:
• Subjects photographed through glass
• Subjects that do not reflect well, such as hair or fur
• Subjects with no substance, such as smoke or flames
• Dark subjects
• Subjects with little or no contrast between the subject and 
the background (such as subjects dressed in the same color 
as the background)
• Shots where another high-contrast object (not the subject) is 
close to the AF frame and is either closer or further away 
than your subject (such as a shot of someone against a 
background with strongly contrasting elements)
For such subjects use AF/AE lock (
Fully pressed
Very shiny subjects such 
as a mirror or car body
Fast moving subjects
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