Fujifilm A600 Owner's Manual (en)

g the Camera
Press DISP/BACK to return to the zoom setting.
Zoom scales
Multi-frame playback
Multi-frame playback screen (9 frames) appears on the 
LCD monitor. Select required frame from the 9 frames.
Still images viewable on FinePix A600
This camera will display still images recorded on FinePix 
A600 or still images (excluding some uncompressed 
images) recorded on any FUJIFILM digital camera that 
supports xD-Picture Cards. Clear playback or playback 
zooming may not be possible for still images shot on 
cameras other than FinePix A600.
A Press p or q to move to 
another part of the image.
B Press n, o, p, or q to display 
another part of the image.
Quality mode
Max. zoom scale
5 (2848 × 2136 pixels)
Approx. 4.5×
% (3024 × 2016 pixels)
Approx. 4.2×
3 (2048 × 1536 pixels)
Approx. 3.2×
2 (1600 × 1200 pixels)
Approx. 2.5×
A Press n, o, p, or q to move 
the cursor (colored frame) to the 
selecting frame.
Press n or o repeatedly to 
jump to the next page.
B Press MENU/OK to enlarge the 
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