Fujifilm A600 Owner's Manual (en)

Connecting to a PC
When displaying “CHECKING USB”
If “CHECKING USB” appears and then 
[COMMUNICATION ERROR] is displayed on the LCD 
monitor, @ DSC is not selected in USB MODE. 
Disconnect the USB cable (mini-B) to the camera and 
restart the procedure from step C.
• Always use the FUJIFILM AC Power Adapter AC-3VX 
(sold separately). If the camera suddenly loses power 
during data exchange, the xD-Picture Card or internal 
memory could be damaged.
• Do not disconnect the USB cable (mini-B) when the 
camera is communicating with a PC. If disconnecting 
the USB cable (mini-B) during communication, the files 
on the xD-Picture Card or internal memory may cause 
• In Mac OS X, you must set the automatic setup when 
the first time you connect the camera to your PC.
• Make sure that USB cable (mini-B) is connected 
correctly and pushed in.
• Perform pre-arranged steps to disconnect and turn off 
the camera (
• When the camera and PC are exchanging data, the 
self-timer lamp blinks and the indicator lamp blinks 
• Auto power off is disabled during USB connection.
• Before replacing the xD-Picture Card, always 
disconnect the camera from the PC. See p.92 for 
information on the disconnection procedure.
• The camera and PC may be exchanging data even 
when “Copying” disappears on your PC screen. Before 
disconnecting the USB cable (mini-B), always check 
that the indicator lamp lights green.
I Set a PC.
Windows 98 / 98 SE / Me / 2000 Professional / 
The Windows CD-ROM may also be required during 
installation. In this event, change CD-ROMs as directed 
by the on-screen instructions.
• FinePixViewer automatically starts up and the Save 
Image Wizard window (Save Image dialog box) 
appears. Follow the instructions provided on screen to 
save the images. To proceed without saving the 
images, click the [Cancel] button.
H Press w for about 1 second to 
turn the camera on in Playback 
Screen for Windows 98 SE
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