GE PJ1 User Manual (en)

There are two built-in zoom functions: optical zoom and digital 
zoom. When taking photos, you can zoom in or out on an 
object using the zoom wheel.
Zoom Wheel
Zoom indicator (See 
“Digital Zoom“ on 
page 53)
When the optical zoom reaches maximum zoom,, release and 
re-engage the zoom  lever , the camera will automatically 
switch rom optical to digital zoom. After adjusting, the zoom 
axis display will be hidden, only 
 will be displayed to 
indicate the current zoom status.
Shooting in Auto Mode 
Auto mode is the easiest mode to take photos. While 
operating in this mode, the camera automatically optimizes 
the camera's settings for best results.
To start taking pictures, do the following:
1.  Press 
the Power button to turn the camera on.
2.  Press the Mode button to select Automatic mode. ( 
3.  Compose your picture on the LCD screen and press the 
Shutter button halfway to focus on the subject.
4.  The LCD screen will show a green focus frame after the 
subject is in focus.
5.  Press 
Shutter button fully to capture the image.
Using the Zoom Function