GE PJ1 User Manual (en)

Panorama mode
Panorama Mode allows you to create a panoramic picture. The 
camera will automatically compose a panoramic picture using 
the individual shots that you take.
Follow these steps to create a panoramic picture:
1.   Press Mode button, use the Left/Right button to select 
Panorama mode, then press the 
 button to enter 
Panorama mode for shooting.
2.   Use the Left/Right buttons to specify the direction of 
picture taking, and then in 2 seconds the panoramic 
sequence will commence automatically.
3.   After the first shot is taken, two target icons will appear on 
the left and right side of the LCD screen. Pan the camera 
and the circle icon on the screen will move towards the 
square frame icon. When the circle icon and square frame 
become green once they overlap, the camera will capture 
the next picture automatically. Repeat the same step for 
the third picture to finish the stitching.
The camera will then stitch the pictures into a panorama 
automatically. Press the playback button to enter Playback 
mode and review the panorama result.
Flash Mode, Self-timer, Macro Mode, and Exposure Com-
pensation are disabled on Panorama Mode.
Before the end of the mounting pan, you can cancel the 
shot by pressing the Delete button.
Panorama Mode can stitch 2 or 3 maximum pictures.