GE PJ1 User Manual (en)

This camera has a build-in projector. Photos and movies can 
be projected with simplicity.
To operate the projector, follow these steps:
1.  Place the camera on a tripod or a stable surface such as a 
2.  The projection range of the camera is between 20cm and 
3.  Press Power button to turn on the camera.
4.  Press the projection button 
, the camera will switch 
to projector mode. In projection mode, the LCD screen is 
turned off. Slide the projector focusing button to the left 
and right to focus the projected image. 
Use the camera to project directly
Projector Use
Project Focusing Slide Button 
5.  When projecting, The Left/Right button (located on the 
back of the camera) can be used to select photos or movies 
to be projected, the remote control unit can also be used 
to select photos or movies.
IR Emitter
IR Receiver 
6.  Press the Projection button 
again to end projecting. 
The camera's projector drains the battery quickly. 
Therefore it is recommended that external power be 
used to operate the camera in projection mode.
Don’t take the battery out of the camera when using 
external power to operate the camera.