GE PJ1 User Manual (en)

The function of each button on the remote control unit while in 
projection mode is as follows:
Display 9/16 pcs photo thumbnails, press 
to return to the full screen playing mode
Zoom in 2X to 8X when playing photos, press 
 to return to the full screen playing mode
Photo: press   / 
 to select the previous 
press   / 
 to select the next photo/video;
Video: press 
 to decrease volume 
 to increase volume
Photo: in the thumbnail or Zoom in state, 
 to return to the full screen playing 
mode; Video: press 
 to play
In any mode of the camera, press the 
button to enter projection mode.
Press the menu button to enter the projector 
playing screen.
Please refer to PC to Link Transfer for showing by 
connecting camera with PC.
Show Setting
Show photos stored in the memory card by using the Slide 
Show settings.
To operate the slide show settings use the following steps: 
following steps:
1.  When projecting, pressing the 
 button will enter the 
Show Setting screen:
2.  Press the Up/Down button to select Slide Show, Effect, 
Interval, and Show Time options.
3.  Press the 
 or Right button to enter the sub-menu, then 
press the Up/Down button to select the option.