GE PJ1 User Manual (en)

Continuous Shot
Use this setting to perform continuous shooting. After entering 
this mode, you can shoot multiple images by continuously 
holding the shutter button down.
There are five available options:
OFF: Turn off the Continuous Shot function.
Continuous shooting: Press and hold the shutter but-
ton to shoot continuously until you release the shutter 
button or when the memory card has run out of space.
3 shot: Capture up to 3 consecutive pictures.
3 shots (Last): Capture pictures continuously until the 
Shutter button is released but only the last 3 shots are 
Time Lapse: Automatically capture pictures at 
predefined intervals.
The flash is disabled in this mode in order to enable 
quick succession of shots.
Date Imprint
Include a Date/Time stamp in the photo image.
Date and Time