GE PJ1 User Manual (en)

• Delete All:
1.  In the Delete option, select All and then press the 
2.  Use Up/Down button to select Yes to delete all files, or 
select Cancel to return to the menu.
Delete Date Folder:
1.  In the Delete option, press the 
 button after selecting 
Date Folder. 
2.   Use the Up/Down button to select Date Folder to be 
deleted, press 
 to confirm, press the Up/Down button 
to select item (Yes: to delete the file, Cancel: to return to 
the menu) and then press * to confirm.
The “
” indicator means a file is protected. File 
protection must be removed first before a file can be 
Deleting files will cause the DPOF settings to be reset.
DPOF (Digital Print Order Format)
DPOF allows you to record your selection of pictures that you 
would like to print, and will save your selection in the memory 
card, so that you can simply hand your memory card to a 
photo kiosk without having to tell them which photos you 
would like to print.