GE PJ1 User Manual (en)

See “
Setting the Date and Time“ section on page 17.
See “
Setting the Language“ section on page 16.
Format Memory
Please note: formatting enables you to delete all contents in 
the memory card and built-in memory, including protected 
photo and movie files.
To use this setting:
1.  Select Format Memory in the File and Software menu.
2.  Use the 
Up/Down navigation button to select Yes or No
Then press the 
 button to confirm the setting.
3.  Select Yes, the camera will format the selected media.
4.  Please note that when you perform the Format Memory 
function, it only formats the active memory. If a memory 
card is inserted, the memory card is active and will be 
formatted. If there is no memory card, the internal memory 
is active and the internal memory will be formatted. 
Formatting the memory card will not automatically format 
the internal memory.
File and Software