GE PJ1 User Manual (en)

File Numbering
After you take a picture or video clip,the camera will save 
it in a sequential number. You can use this to reset the file 
numbering to 1. (When more than 999 images are on the 
memory card, the use of this features will have no effect).
1.  Select the File Name in the File and Software menu.
2.  Select the option with the Up/Down button and press the 
 button for confirmation.
Copy to Card (Copy files from the internal 
memory to the memory card)
Use this setting to copy files stored in the internal memory to 
the memory card.
1.  Select 
Copy to memory card in the File and Software 
2.  Use the 
Up/Down navigation buttons to select Yes or No
Then press the 
 button to confirm.