GE PJ1 User Manual (en)

Connecting to a PC
Use the USB cable and ArcSoft software (CD-ROM) supplied 
with your camera to copy (transfer) pictures to a computer.
Setting the USB mode
Since the camera’s USB port can be set to connect with either 
a PC or a Printer, the following steps will allow you to ensure 
that the camera is correctly configured to connect with a PC.
1.  Enter the camera setup menu and select USB Mode with 
the UP/Down button, then press the 
 or the Right 
button to enter.
2.  Use the 
Up/Down navigation button and select PC.
3.  Press the 
 button to confirm the setting.
Transferring files to your PC
The computer will automatically detect the camera as a 
removable drive. Double-click on the 
My Computer icon 
located on the desktop, then locate the removable drive and 
copy folders and files in the drive to a directory on your PC as 
you would copy any typical folder or file.
By using the USB cable, you can transfer the captured photos 
and videos to a PC. Follow the steps below to connect the 
camera to a PC.
1.  Start a computer to which ArcSoft software has been 
2.  Make sure both the camera and PC are turned on.
3.  Connect one end of the supplied USB Interface Cable to the 
camera's Digital port. Please refer to page 8 item number 
4.  Connect the other end of the USB Interface Cable to an 
available USB port on your PC.