GE A950RD User Manual (en)

Camera notes:
Do not store or use the camera in the following types 
of locations:
•  In the rain, very humid and dusty places.
•  In a place where the camera can be exposed 
directly to the sunlight or subject to high 
temperature, e.g. Inside a closed car in summer.
•  In a place where the camera is subject to a high 
magnetic field, e.g. near motors, transformers or 
Do not place the camera on a wet surface or places 
where dripping water or sand may come in contact 
with the camera, which may cause irrepairable faults.
If the camera will not be used for a long period of time, we 
suggest you remove the battery and the memory card. 
If you carry the camera suddenly from a cold location 
to a warm place, moisture may condense inside the 
camera. We suggest you wait for a while before turing 
on the camera. 
No compensation for loss of recordings. Loss of record-
ings cannot be compensated for if a malfunction 
of your camera or recording media, etc, makes the 
playback of recordings not possible.
Battery notes:
Incorrect use of the batteries may cause them to 
leak, become hot, ignite or burst. Always observe the 
precautions given below.
•  Do not expose the batteries to water, and take  
particular care to keep the terminals dry.
•  Do not heat the batteries or throw them into a fire.
•  Do not attempt to deform, disassemble or modify the 
•  Use GE charger in the package to charge the lithium 
battery only (for G and E series).
Keep the batteries out of reach of babies and small children.
In cold locations, battery performance deteriorates and 
the time for which they can be used shortens markedly. 
Memory card notes:
When using a new  memory card, or a memory card  has 
been initialized by a PC, be sure to format the card with 
your digital camera before using it.
To edit image data, copy the image data to the PC's hard 
disk and then format memory card if upgrade the firmware.
Do not change or delete the directory names, or file 
names in the memory card from your PC, as this may 
make it impossible to use the card in your camera.