GE A950RD User Manual (en)

3.  Use the
Left/Right buttons to specify the direction
of picture taking, and then in 2 seconds the
panoramic sequence will commence automatically.
4.  Compose your first view on the LCD screen and press
the shutter button.
5.  Use "Stitching Mode" selected from the Menu.
When Using Auto Stitching:
After the first shot is taken, the camera will make a
calculation and two icons will appear on the LDC screen.
Once they appear, move the camera and the circle icon
on the screen will move with the scenery until it reaches
the square frame icon. When circle icon and square
frame become green, the camera will take pictures
automatically and finish the stitching.
When Using Manual Stitching:
After the first shot is taken, the semi-transparent image
of the first shot will appear at the edge of the screen.
You can use this image to compose your picture before
you press the shutter button to finish manual stitching.
6.  The camera will then stitch the pictures into a
panorama automatically.
7.  Turn the mode dial to playback mode to view the
panoramic picture.