GE A950RD User Manual (en)

3.  The current media is formatted.
Use this setting to adjust the volume of beep when 
buttons are pressed and change the tones for shutter, 
buttons, self-timer, and power-on/power-off.
To change this setting:
1.  Select the 
Beep setting from the Setup menu as 
described previously.
2.  Use the 
Up/Down navigation buttons to switch 
between volume, shutter tone, key tone, self-timer 
tone, and power tone fields.
3.  Use the 
Left/Right navigation buttons to adjust the 
volume and change each tone style. Then press the 
 button to confirm.
LCD Brightness
Use this setting to adjust the brightness of your LCD 
1.  Select the 
LCD Brightness setting from the Setup 
menu as described previously.
2.  Use the 
Up/Down buttons to select to Auto or 
Manual brightness adjustment, and then press 
to confirm your election.