GE A950RD User Manual (en)

If the USB option is set to [PC] :
Turn the camera off and disconnect the USB cable.
If the USB option is set to [PC (PTP) ] :
Remove the camera from the system as described below 
before turning the camera off and disconnecting the USB 
Window XP Home Edition/XP Professional
Click the [Safely Remove Hardware] icon 
 in the 
taskbar and select [Safely remove USB Mass Storage 
Device] from the menu displayed.
By using the USB cable, you can transfer the captured 
photos and videos to a PC. Follow the steps below to 
connect the camera to a PC.
1.  Start a computer to which ArcSoft software has been 
2.  Make sure both the camera and PC are turned on. 
3.  Connect one end of the supplied USB cable to the 
USB/AV OUT port on your camera.
4.  Connect the other end of the cable to an available 
USB port on your PC.
5.  Disconnect the camera once transfer is completed.