GE A950RD User Manual (en)

Connecting to a PictBridge compatible printer
PictBridge allows printing images from a 
memory card in a digital camera directly 
to a printer, regardless of brand. To find 
out if a printer is PictBridge compatible, 
simply look for the PictBridge logo on the packaging or 
check the manual for specifications.With the PictBridge 
function on your camera, you can print the captured 
photos directly with a PictBridge compatible printer us-
ing the supplied USB cable, without the need for a PC.
Setting the USB mode
Since the camera’s USB port can be set to connect with 
either a PC or a Printer, the following steps will allow 
you to ensure that the camera is correctly configured to 
connect with a Printer.
1.  Press the 
 button and use 
Up/Down to select 
USB Connect, and then press the Right navigation 
2.  Use 
Up/Down to select Printer.
3.  Press the 
 button to confirm the setting.
Every time the camera is powered off, the USB 
Mode will automatically revert back to PC mode.