Samsung WB350F User Manual (en)

Wireless network
Connecting to a WLAN and configuring network settings
Learn to connect via an access point (AP) when you are in a range of a WLAN. You can also configure network settings.
Ad hoc AP
Secured AP
Signal strength
Press [t] or touch   to open AP setting options.
•  When you select a secured AP, a pop-up window appears. Enter the required 
passwords to connect to the WLAN. For information about entering text, refer 
to "Entering text". (p. 118)
•  When a login page appears, refer to "Using the login browser". (p. 116)
•  When you select an unsecured AP, the camera will automatically connect to 
the WLAN. 
•  If you select a WPS profile supported AP, select   → WPS PIN connection
and then enter a PIN on the AP device. You can also connect to a WPS profile 
supported AP by selecting   → WPS button connection on the camera, and 
then pushing the WPS button on the AP device. 
•  If a pop-up message about data collection regulations appears, read and 
agree to it. 
Connecting to a WLAN
Rotate the mode dial to w.
Select  ,  , 
,  , or  .
Follow the on-screen instructions until the Wi-Fi Setting screen 
•  The camera automatically searches for available AP devices. 
•  In some modes, press [m], and then select Wi-Fi Setting.  
Select an AP.
•  Select Refresh to refresh the list of connectable APs.
•  Select Add wireless network to add an AP manually. The AP name must be 
in English to add the AP manually.