Samsung WB350F User Manual (en)

Using a smart phone as a remote shutter release
Wireless network
On the smart phone, touch and hold   to focus.
•  The focus is automatically set to Multi AF.
Release   to capture the photo.
•  The photo will be stored on the smart phone in its original size. 
•  If the GPS feature is activated on the smart phone, the GPS information will 
be saved with the captured photo.
When you use this feature, the ideal distance between the camera and the smart 
phone may vary, depending on your surroundings.
We recommend you keep the distance between the smart phone and the 
camera within 23 feet (7 m) when you use this feature.
It will take some time to capture the photo after you release 
 on the smart 
The Remote Viewfinder function will deactivate when:
either the camera or the smart phone turns off
either device loses its connection to the WLAN
the Wi-Fi connection is poor or unstable
you perform no operations for approximately 3 minutes while connected