Samsung WB350F User Manual (en)

Wireless network
Using the Baby Monitor
Use the Baby Monitor feature to connect the camera to a smart phone and monitor a location.
The Baby Monitor feature is supported by smart phones that support WVGA (800 X 480) or higher resolution and run the Android OS or iOS. Some features may not be supported by 
some models. Before using this feature, update the device’s firmware to the latest version. If the firmware version is not the most recent, this function may not perform properly. 
You should install the Samsung Home Monitor application on your smart phone before using this feature. You can download the application from Samsung Apps, the Google Play 
Store, or the Apple App Store.
Use this feature indoors only.
Start live video or sound monitoring.
•  Watch live video from the camera on your smart phone. During video 
monitoring, touch the Sound Monitoring Mode button on the smart phone 
to stop the video stream. If the camera detects noise, an alarm will notify you 
on the smart phone.
During live video monitoring via the smart phone, video is not saved on the 
If the monitored location is dark, touch 
 to turn on the AF-assist light.
During sound monitoring, alarms will sound on the smart phone if the 
camera detects noise for a short period at a volume that is higher than the 
designated level. 
During live video monitoring, alarms will not sound on the smart phone 
even if the camera detects noise.
Touch   to exit the Samsung Home Monitor application.
On the camera, rotate the mode dial to w.
On the camera, select  .
•  If the pop-up message that prompts you to download the application 
appears, select Next.
On the camera, select an AP from the list, and then position the 
•  Place the camera in a safe location where children or pets cannot reach it.
•  Point the camera lens at the subject.
•  We recommend you connect the camera to a power outlet with the AC 
On the smart phone, select the AP that the camera is connected to.
•  For iOS devices, turn on the Wi-Fi feature before turning on the application.
On the smart phone, turn on the Samsung Home Monitor