Samsung WB350F User Manual (en)

Wireless network
Using Auto Backup to send photos or videos
You can send photos or videos that you captured with the camera to a PC wirelessly.
Sending photos or videos to a PC
Rotate the mode dial to w.
Select  .
•  If the pop-up message that prompts you to download the application 
appears, select Next.
•  The camera will automatically attempt to connect to a WLAN via the most 
recently connected AP device. 
•  If the camera has not previously been connected to a WLAN, it will search for 
available AP devices. (p. 115)
Installing the program for Auto Backup on your PC
Install i-Launcher on the PC. (p. 108)
Connect the camera to the PC with the USB cable.
When the Auto Backup program icon appears, click it.
•  The Auto Backup program is installed on the PC. Follow the on-screen 
instructions to complete the installation. 
Remove the USB cable.
Before installing the program, ensure that the PC is connected to a network.