Samsung WB350F User Manual (en)

Error messages
When the following error messages appear, try these remedies.
Error message
Suggested remedies
File system not 
Your camera does not support the FAT file structure of 
the inserted memory card. Format the memory card on 
the camera.
Initialization failed.
The camera has failed to locate a device that supports 
Samsung Link. Turn on devices on the network that 
support Samsung Link.
Low Battery
Insert a charged battery or recharge the battery.
Memory Full
Delete unnecessary files or insert a new memory card.
No Image File
Capture photos or insert a memory card that contains 
some photos.
Password Incorrect
The password for transferring files to another camera is 
wrong. Enter the correct password.
Transfer failed.
•  The camera has failed to send e-mails or files to other 
devices. Try sending again.
•  Check the network connection and try again.
Error message
Suggested remedies
Cannot read file 
Delete the damaged file or contact a service center.
Card Error
•  Turn off the camera, and then turn it on again.
•  Remove the memory card, and then insert it again.
•  Format the memory card.
Card not supported.
The inserted memory card is not supported by your 
camera. Insert a microSD, microSDHC, or microSDXC 
memory card.
Connection failed.
•  The camera cannot connect to the network using the 
selected access point. Select another AP and try again.
•  The camera has failed to connect to the other devices. 
Try connecting again.
DCF Full Error
File names do not match the DCF standard. Transfer the 
files from the memory card to your computer and format 
the card. Then, open the Settings menu and select  
File No. → Reset. (p. 141)
Device disconnected.
Network connection disconnected while photos are 
being transferred to supported devices. Re-select a 
supported device.