Samsung WB350F User Manual (en)

Capturing photos
Basic functions
Reducing camera shake (OIS)
Reduce camera shake optically in Shooting mode.
S  Before correction
S  After correction
In Shooting mode, press [m].
Select OIS.
Select an option.
Off: OIS is deactivated.
On: OIS is activated.
    p A h M
OIS may not function properly when:
you move your camera to follow a moving subject
you use Digital zoom
there is too much camera shake
the shutter speed is slow (for example, when you capture night scenes)
the battery is low
you capture a close-up shot
If you use the OIS function with a tripod, your images may be blurred by the 
vibration of the OIS sensor. Deactivate the OIS function when you use a tripod.
If the camera is hit or dropped, the display will be blurry. If this occurs, turn off 
the camera, and then turn it on again.