Samsung WB350F User Manual (en)

Using the Magic Plus mode
Extended functions
Using the Soccer Frame Mode (WB2014F only)
In Soccer Frame mode, you can apply various soccer frame effects to your photos. 
Rotate the mode dial to g.
•  To select another mode when the mode dial is set to g, press [b] or touch 
, and then select a mode. You can also select another mode by pressing 
[m] and selecting a mode.
Select a frame.
Align your subject in the frame, and then half-press [Shutter] to 
Press [Shutter] to capture a photo.
Editing a photo 
You can edit a photo in multiple ways. 
Rotate the mode dial to g, and then select 
Refer to "Editing a photo". (p. 99) 
Touch an editing icon to edit the selected area.
•  Rotate [Zoom] to the right to enlarge a portion of the photo. 
Switch the applied option. 
Select an area automatically.
De-emphasize areas with the same color as the selected area.
De-emphasize the selected area only.
Return to the previous screen.
View the original image.
Return to the editing mode.
Drag the screen to magnify other parts of the photo. 
 to save the photo. 
•  To recapture a background photo, touch 
The camera will save edited photos as new files. 
The resolution is fixed at