Samsung WB350F User Manual (en)

Shooting options
Shooting in the dark
Learn how to capture photos at night or in low light conditions.
Using the flash
Press the flash pop-up button to pop the flash 
up. When the flash unit pops up, the flash 
fires in accordance with the option you have 
selected. If you select Off, the flash does not 
fire even when it is popped up.
While not in use, keep the flash unit closed to prevent damage.
Forcing open the flash unit may cause damage to your camera. Press down 
gently to close it.
Preventing red-eye
If the flash fires when you capture a photo of a person in the dark, a red glow may 
appear in the person’s eyes. To prevent this, select Red-eye or Red-eye Fix. Refer to 
flash options in "Setting a flash option." (p. 70)
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