Samsung WB350F User Manual (en)

Shooting in the dark
Shooting options
Slow Sync:
•  The flash fires and the shutter stays open longer.
•  This option is recommended when you want to capture more 
ambient light to reveal more details in the background.
•  Use a tripod to prevent your photos from blurring.
•  The camera will display the shake warning 
 when you are 
shooting in low light.
Red-eye Fix:
•  The flash fires twice when the subject or background is dark. The 
camera corrects red-eye through its advanced software analysis.
•  There is an interval between the 2 bursts of the flash. Do not move 
until the flash fires a second time.
Available options may differ depending on the shooting conditions.
Flash options are not available if you set Burst options or select Self-Portrait.
Make sure that your subjects are within the recommended distance from the 
flash. (p. 158)
If light from the flash is reflected or there is a substantial amount of dust in the 
air, tiny spots may appear in your photo.
In some modes, you can also set the flash option by pressing [m], and then 
selecting Flash.
Adjusting the flash intensity
Adjust the flash intensity to avoid over-exposed or under-exposed photos.
In Shooting mode, press [F]. 
Scroll to an option. 
Press [D]. 
Press [F/t] to adjust the intensity.
•  You can also drag the slider or touch +/- to adjust the intensity.
Auto : 0