Samsung WB350F User Manual (en)

Changing the camera’s focus
Shooting options
Adjusting the focus manually
In Shooting mode, press [c].
Select Manual Focus.
Press [F/t] to adjust the focus.
•  You can also drag the slider or touch +/- to adjust the focus.
Manual Focus : 50
Press [o] to save your settings.
When you adjust the focus manually and the subject is out of focus, the photo may 
be blurry.
    p A h M
Select an option.
Normal (AF): Focus on a subject farther than 31 in. (80 cm) away. 
Farther than 138 in. (350 cm) away when you use the zoom.
Manual Focus: Focus on a subject by adjusting the focus manually. 
(p. 74) 
Macro: Focus on a subject that is 4-31 in. (10–80 cm) from the 
camera. 59-138 in. (150–350 cm) when you use the zoom.
Auto Macro
•  Focus on a subject farther than 4 in. (10 cm) away. Farther than  
59 in. (150 cm) away when you use the zoom.
•  Auto Macro is set automatically in some shooting modes.
Available options may differ depending on the shooting conditions.
In some modes, you can also set the focus option by pressing [m], and then 
selecting Focus.