Samsung WB350F User Manual (en)

Shooting options
Capturing still images while recording a video
You can capture still images while recording a video without switching to the photo shooting modes (up to 6 photos).
    T p A h M s i g
Captured images will be automatically resized, depending on the size of the 
recorded video. 
The quality of images captured while recording a video may be lower than those 
captured normally.
This feature may not be supported in some modes. 
Rotate the mode dial to p, G, s, i, g or T.
Press   (Video recording) to start recording.
Press [Shutter] to capture images. 
•  When you pause video recording, you cannot capture still images by pressing 
•  Captured images will be saved automatically.
Images captured while recording 
a video
Press   (Video recording) again to stop recording.