Samsung WB350F User Manual (en)

Viewing photos or videos in Playback mode
Viewing panoramic photos
View photos captured in Panorama mode.
In Playback mode, scroll to a panoramic photo.
•  The entire panoramic photo appears on the screen.
Press [o] or touch  .
•  The camera automatically scrolls through the photo from left to right for a 
horizontal panoramic photo and from top to bottom for a vertical panoramic 
photo. The camera then switches to Playback mode.
•  While playing back a panoramic photo, press [o] to pause or resume.
•  After you have paused the playback of a panoramic photo, press 
[D/c/F/t] or drag the image to move the photo horizontally or 
vertically, depending on the direction you moved when capturing the photo.
Press [b] to return to Playback mode.
You can play the panoramic photo by pressing [o] or touching 
 only if the 
longest side of the photo is two or more times longer than the shortest side.
Playing a slide show
Apply effects to a slide show of your photos. The slide show function does not work 
for videos and GIF files.
In Playback mode, press [m].
Select Slide Show Options.
Select a slide show effect option.
•  Skip to step 4 to start a slide show with no effects.
* Default
Play Mode
Set whether or not to repeat the slide show. (One Play*, Repeat)
•  Set the interval between photos. (1 sec*, 3 sec5 sec10 sec)
•  You must set the Effect option to Off to set the interval.
•  Set a scene change effect between photos. (OffCalm*, Shine
•  Select Off to cancel effects.
•  When you use the Effect option, the interval between photos 
will be set to 1 second.
Press [b].