Samsung WB350F User Manual (en)

Viewing photos or videos in Playback mode
Select Start Slide Show.
View the slide show.
•  Press [o] to pause the slide show.
•  Press [o] again to resume the slide show.
Press [b] to stop the slide show and return to Playback mode.
Playing a video
In Playback mode, you can view a video and an animated photo.
In Playback mode, select a video, and then press [o] or touch  .
View the video.
Current playback time/
Video length
Move to the previous file/Scan backward. (Each time you touch the 
scan backward icon, you change the scan speed in this order: 2X, 
4X, 8X.)
Pause or resume playback.
Move to the next file/Scan forward. (Each time you touch the scan 
forward icon, you change the scan speed in this order: 2X, 4X, 8X.)
Adjust the volume or mute the sound.
You can also rotate [Zoom] to the left or right to adjust the volume level. 
When playing a movie, you can begin using features such a scanning backward 
or scanning forward after the video has run for 2 seconds.
Viewing animated photos
View animated GIF files repeatedly that were captured in Motion Photo mode. 
In Playback mode, scroll to a GIF file.
Press [o] or touch  .
Press [b] to return to Playback mode.