Pentax K-5 II User Manual (en)

All PENTAX cameras purchased through authorized bona fide 
photographic distribution channels are guaranteed against defects of 
material or workmanship for a period of twelve months from date of 
purchase. Service will be rendered, and defective parts will be replaced 
without cost to you within that period, provided the equipment does not 
show evidence of impact, sand or liquid damage, mishandling, tampering, 
battery or chemical corrosion, operation contrary to operating instructions, 
or modification by an unauthorized repair shop. The manufacturer or its 
authorized representatives shall not be liable for any repair or alterations 
except those made with its written consent and shall not be liable for 
damages from delay or loss of use or from other indirect or consequential 
damages of any kind, whether caused by defective material or 
workmanship or otherwise; and it is expressly agreed that the liability of 
the manufacturer or its representatives under all guarantees or warranties, 
whether expressed or implied, is strictly limited to the replacement of parts 
as hereinbefore provided. No refunds will be made on repairs by non-
authorized PENTAX service facilities.
Procedure During 12-month Warranty Period
Any PENTAX which proves defective during the 12-month warranty period 
should be returned to the dealer from whom you purchased the equipment 
or to the manufacturer. If there are no representatives of the manufacturer 
in your country, send the equipment to the manufacturer, with postage 
prepaid. In this case, it will take a considerable length of time before the 
equipment can be returned to you owing to the complicated customs 
procedures required. If the equipment is covered by warranty, repairs will 
be made and parts replaced free of charge, and the equipment will be 
returned to you upon completion of servicing. If the equipment is not 
covered by warranty, regular charges of the manufacturer or of its 
representatives will apply. Shipping charges are to be borne by the owner. 
If your PENTAX was purchased outside of the country where you wish to 
have it serviced during the warranty period, regular handling and servicing 
fees may be charged by the manufacturer’s representatives in that 
country. Notwithstanding this, your PENTAX returned to the manufacturer 
will be serviced free of charge according to this procedure and warranty 
policy. In any case, however, shipping charges and customs clearance 
fees to be borne by the sender. To prove the date of your purchase when 
required, please keep the receipt or bills covering the purchase of your 
equipment for at least a year. Before sending your equipment for servicing, 
please make sure that you are sending it to the manufacturer’s authorized