Pentax K-5 II User Manual (en)

• If any irregularities occur during use, such as smoke or a strange odor, stop 
use immediately, remove the battery or the AC adapter, and contact your 
nearest PENTAX Service Center. Continued use can cause a fire or 
electrical shock.
• Do not place your finger over the flash when discharging the flash. You may 
burn yourself.
• Do not cover the flash with clothing when discharging the flash. Discoloration 
may occur. 
• Some portions of the camera heat up during use. There is a risk of low 
temperature burns when holding such portions for long periods.
• Should the monitor be damaged, be careful of glass fragments. Also, be 
careful not to allow the liquid crystal to get on your skin or in your eyes or 
• Depending on your individual factors or physical condition, the use of the 
camera may cause itching, rashes or blisters. In case of any abnormality, 
stop using the camera and get medical attention immediately.
• Always use the battery charger and AC adapter exclusively developed for this 
camera, with the specified power and voltage. Using a battery charger or AC 
adapter not exclusive to this camera, or using the exclusive battery charger 
or AC adapter with an unspecified power or voltage can cause a fire, electric 
shock, or camera breakdown. The specified voltage is 100 - 240V AC.
• Do not disassemble or modify the product. This can cause a fire or electrical 
• If the generation of smoke or strange odor from the product or other abnormality 
occurs, immediately discontinue using and consult a PENTAX Service Center. 
Continued use can cause a fire or electrical shock.
• If water should happen to get inside the product, consult a PENTAX Service 
Center. Continued use can cause a fire or electrical shock.
• If you see a lightning flash or hear thunder during use of the battery charger 
or AC adapter, unplug the power plug and discontinue use. Continued use 
can cause damage to the product, fire or electrical shock.
• Wipe off the power plug if it should become covered with dust. Accumulated 
dust may cause a fire.
• To reduce the risk of hazards, use only CSA/UL certified power supply cord 
set, cord is Type SPT-2 or heavier, minimum NO.18 AWG copper, one end 
with a molded-on male attachment plug cap (with a specified NEMA 
configuration), and the other is provided with a molded-on female connector 
body (with a specified IEC nonindustrial type configuration) or the equivalent.
About the Battery Charger and AC Adapter