Pentax K-5 II User Manual (en)

• Do not place the camera and its accessories within the reach of small children.
1. If the product falls or is operated accidentally, it may cause serious 
personal injuries. 
2. Wrapping the strap around a neck may cause suffocation. 
3. To avoid the risk of a small accessory such as the battery or SD Memory 
Cards from being swallowed by mistake, keep them out of the reach of 
small children. Seek medical attention immediately if an accessory is 
accidentally swallowed.
• When traveling, take the Worldwide Service Network listing that is included 
in the package. This will be useful if you experience problems abroad. 
• When the camera has not been used for a long time, confirm that it is still 
working properly, particularly prior to taking important pictures (such as at a 
wedding or when traveling). Contents of the recording cannot be guaranteed 
if recording, playback or transferring your data to a computer, etc. is not 
possible due to a malfunction of your camera or recording media (SD 
Memory Card), etc.
• To keep the battery in optimum condition, avoid storing it in a fully charged 
state or in high temperatures.
• If the battery is left inserted and the camera is not used for a long time, the 
battery will over-discharge and shorten the battery’s life.
• Charging the battery a day before use or on the day of use is recommended. 
• The AC plug cord provided with this camera is developed exclusively for the 
battery charger D-BC90. Do not use it with other devices.
Keep the Camera and its Accessories out of 
the Reach of Small Children
Care to be Taken During Handling
Before Using Your Camera
About the Battery and Charger