Panasonic BL-C111A User Manual (en)

Installation Guide
Network Camera
Model No.
(Wired Type)
(Wireless/Wired Type)
This manual is written for both the BL-C111A (Wired Type) and BL-C131A (Wireless/Wired Type). Available features and operations vary slightly 
depending on the model. You can confirm the model no. of your camera by checking the model no. printed on the front of the camera.
Please read the included Important Information before proceeding.
Complete Operating Instructions and all other documentation can be found on the included CD-ROM.
• This document (Installation Guide) explains how to physically connect the camera to the power supply and network, as well how to mount or place the 
camera for regular use.
• The Setup Guide describes how to set up the camera so that it can be accessed using a PC.
• Refer to the Operating Instructions on the CD-ROM for details regarding the camera's features.
• Refer to the Troubleshooting Guide on the CD-ROM if you have any problems configuring or using the camera.
• UPnP is the abbreviation for “Universal Plug and Play”.
• The Network Camera is referred to as “the camera” in this document.
• The Setup CD-ROM is referred to as “the CD-ROM” in this document.
Installation Procedure Overview
The following is an overview of the steps required to install and setup the camera. All steps are explained in this document unless otherwise noted.
Confirm the following items are included in the camera’s packaging.
• Additional pieces can be ordered by calling 1-800-332-5368.
You will need the following additional items to install and configure the camera.
– a PC (see the system requirements in the Important Information document)
– a LAN cable (CAT-5 straight cable)
– a router
Confirm that you have all the 
items required for installation.
Camera Diagram
Make sure you know the names 
of the camera’s physical 
Connecting the camera to your 
network and to the power outlet.
Setting up the camera 
(described in the included Setup 
Guide). This involves configuring 
the camera so that it can be 
accessed from a PC.
Mounting or placing the camera.
Main Unit (1 pc.)
The appearance of your camera 
depends on which model you 
have purchased.
Screw A (2 pcs.)
Order No. PQHE5004X
Used for wall mounting the 
Washer S (2 pcs.)
Order No. XWG35FJ
Used when mounting the camera.
AC Adaptor (1 pc.)
Cord Length: About 3 m (9 feet 
10 inches)
Order No. PQLV206Y
Screw B (1 pc.)
Order No. XTB4+20AFJ
Used for securing the safety wire 
to the wall.
Washer L (1 pc.)
Order No. XWG4F16VW
Used when securing the safety 
wire to the wall.
Safety Wire (1 pc.)
Order No. PQME10080Z
Used to secure the camera after 
wall mounting it.
Safety Wire Screw (1 pc.)
Order No. PQHD10110Z
Used for securing the safety wire 
to the camera.
Important Information (1 pc.)
Installation Guide
(this document) (1 pc.)
Setup Guide (1 pc.)
Setup CD-ROM (1 pc.)
Order No. PQQX15699ZCD
Contains the Setup Program needed to configure the camera, as well as the camera’s documentation.*
*See the included Important Information for a description of each document.
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Please read this document before using the product, and save this document for future 
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