Panasonic DMC-F4 User Manual (en)

Inserting and Removing the Card 
(optional)/the Battery
Check that this unit is turned off.
We recommend using a Panasonic card.
Slide the release lever in the 
direction of the arrow and open 
the card/battery door.
Always use genuine Panasonic 
batteries (CGA-S/106C; supplied or 
DMW-BCF10E; optional).
If you use other batteries, we cannot 
guarantee the quality of this product.
Battery: Insert until it is locked by 
the lever A being careful about 
the direction you insert it. Pull the 
A in the direction of the 
arrow to remove the battery.
Card: Push it fully until it clicks 
being careful about the direction 
you insert it. To remove the card, 
push the card until it clicks, then 
pull the card out upright.
B: Do not touch the connection terminals of the card.
The card may be damaged if it is not fully inserted.
1:Close the card/battery door.
2:Slide the release lever in the 
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