Nikon 6MB07411-03 User Manual (en)

To choose a metering method, 
press the metering selector lock 
button and rotate the metering 
selector until the desired mode is 
displayed in the viewfinder.
Matrix Metering
The metering method used is determined by the type of lens attached:
• Type G and D lenses: Range information is included when determining 
exposure (3D color matrix metering II).
• Other CPU lenses: Range information is not included when determining 
exposure (color matrix metering II).
• Non-CPU lenses: Color matrix metering is available if focal length and 
maximum aperture are specified using Non-CPU lens data item in 
setup menu (see page 214; center-weighted metering is used if focal 
length or aperture is not specified).
See Also
For information on choosing the size of the area assigned the greatest 
weight in center-weighted metering, see Custom Setting b5 (Center-
weighted area
0 304). For information on making separate 
adjustments to optimal exposure for each metering method, see 
Custom Setting b6 (Fine tune optimal exposure
0 304).
Metering selector