Nikon 6MB07411-03 User Manual (en)

❚❚Interrupting Interval Timer Photography
Interval timer shooting will end automatically if the battery is 
exhausted. Interval timer photography can also be ended by:
• Selecting Start Off in the interval timer menu
• Performing a two button reset (
0 200)
• Selecting Reset shooting menu in the shooting menu (
0 287)
• Changing bracketing settings (
0 136)
Normal shooting will resume when interval timer photography ends.
❚❚No Photograph
Photographs will not be taken if the previous photograph has yet 
to be taken, the memory buffer or memory card is full, or the 
camera is unable to focus in single-servo AF (note that the camera 
focuses again before each shot).
Release Mode
Regardless of the release mode selected, the camera will take the 
specified number of shots at each interval. In C
 (continuous high 
speed) mode, photographs will be taken at a rate of up to nine shots per 
second, or, if DX (24×16) is selected for Image area, at the frame rate 
selected for Custom Setting d2 (Shooting speed
0 307) > Continuous 
high-speed. In S (single frame) and C
 (continuous low-speed) modes, 
photographs will be taken at the rate chosen for Custom Setting d2 
(Shooting speed
0 307) > Continuous low-speed; in mode J, 
camera noise will be reduced.
Shooting Menu Banks
Changes to interval timer settings apply to all shooting menu banks 
0 285). If shooting menu settings are reset using the Reset shooting 
menu item in the shooting menu (
0 287), interval timer settings will be 
reset as follows:
• Choose  start  time:  Now
• Interval: 00:01':00"
• Number of intervals: 1
• Number of shots: 1
• Start shooting: Off